Ordered GL-X750V2, do I need SIM Adapter?

I ordered a GL-X750V2 (SPITZ) today from Amazon. I will be putting a Verizon nanoSIM in it. Does the Spitz need a SIM adapter, and does an adapter come with the modem or do I need to order one?

The SIM I have is a NanoSIM, while I believe the Spitz accepts a miniSIM??

It have Micro SIM card slot.
SIM adapter is not included in the product. You need to order one.

Yes, I did need a nano to mini SIM adapter. But here’s the news. I took the SIM out of my Jetpack and put it in the Spitz. I selected auto-configure (or something like that) and it recognnized the SIM and connected me to Verizon. Compared to the Jetpack, my RSSI improved from (-95 / -115) to -72, and SNR improved from 5 to 17.