Original Firmware for GLinet AR150

Dear all,

Where can I find Original Firmware for GLinet AR150? I have updated to goldenorb and regretted only to know if I choose “advanced configuration”, it will have the exact same option as goldenorb firmware right? :smiley:

I want to revert back to the original one.

There are many options that available in


Thankss for helping me the noob

It is available in http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/ar150/v1/. v2.27 is latest one.

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Thank you. Does it include both “simple” and “advanced configuration”?

And where to start learning to flash the router? :smiley:

If im not mistaken, it is far safer to use LAN cable than using USB cable right?

Just upload the firmware under the advanced settings
(but dont keep the settings)

or use uboot for that.

and yes, it has simple and advances configuration.

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Very much appreciated!

So I believe U boot failsafe program is always there no matter which firmware we are currently using right now?

Yes, you´re right.

even if you flash a wrong firmware and the device is bricked you can reset it using uboot.

very cool feature :slight_smile:

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Uboot is like the BIOS on a computer, and then when you flash a firmware it is like installing Linux or Windows to it.

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I tried holding reset button and do just exactly the same steps. I even changed ip address to When I typed into firefox, why my connection timed out?

The difference is red light blink 10 times not 5 times before it stopped blinking while I hold reset button after I plug in lan cable first.

Update: By letting the red light blink 5 times, then when turned off, let go the reset button immediately can make the router accessible.

Dont wait 10 times blinking until turned off completely because it will make the router inaccessible.

Yes. If you watched the video, you will see it was counting 5.

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