Other dealers besides Amazon?

Any other places to buy besides the official store and Amazon?
Amazon is $79.99, a few bucks tax, and free shipping for a Beryl.
The official store is $105.99, $26 of that being shipping.

I’d much rather not give Amazon a penny of my money due to their shady business practices, but not sure I have enough morals to pay about 20% more.

Any chance of getting a US based distributor besides the evil empire in the future?

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Their store on AliExpress is quite fast compared with others on AE:

It can be adding a GL devices shop on https://www.banggood.com will be a good idea, depend on changed tax roules on EU on middle 20221, which will shut down the most order on aliexpress by EU customers.

It might not be : bg has a bad customer support (despite having one), huge delays and they refuse my credit card and try to force me to use paypal.

What tax rules are you talking about ? Could you elaborate ?

In the middle of the year 2021, the EU ends that it has an exemption limit of unfair 10 or 20€ for import tax and that it does not charge import VAT until unfair 10 or 20€.

As a result, 100% of all shipments will be subject to a customs process and the above two fees will be charged, plus a handling fee of about 5 or 6€ plus additional DHL shipping costs of e.g. 5€. In addition, this delays the shipment by, for example, another week. Therefore, various China shippers, currently change to delivery warehouses, which ship for the EU, then from the EU itself.

If I remember correctly, however, fall between the EU and Japan this year again the customs barriers away or have already fallen away, so that a conversion of shipping to the EU, vlt. also from a distribution center in Japan could make sense.

It seems to me that it (is) will be impossible for the EU states to open every parcel entering the EU to check if the declared value seems legit. Most of my orders from AE either come from Netherland or China or HK and the distracted sellers often make some mistake about the value they declare. None of my 700+ orders from AE have been taxed yet. I suppose the sellers will make bigger mistakes while declaring value in the future. My latest MV1000 had a value of $ 30. And that was a good deal. The main problem is that it has recently become complicated and very costly to send anything back. We have to declare what we want to send to China online. The last time, a few months ago, I sent a very small but costly audio player back to China I had to pay 28 euros and the seller did not refund the shipping cost. Of course, any sane person would avoid using DHL or similar shipping company as they are very expensive and complicit in the racketeering of the EU states.

AliExpress good days for EU users ends in 2021!

Depend on EU TAX roules starting middle of 2021, item prices incl. transport are now no more free of Import Tax up to 20 or 25 €, now only up to a price incl. transport 5,24€.

By the way. They are ar free import tax agreement between JP and the EU since about one or two years. I dont know what the rules between CN and JP or HK and CN. It can be, checking this can save some money for vendors which like to increase the export. Perhaps its more easy for you to figure our this information on pages which use Kanji than for me. I know only 1% of the about 2k most common Kanjis …