Our new travel router โ€“ Opal (GL-SFT1200) is now available!

Opal (GL-SFT1200) is now available on Amazon! Get this mini router that is perfect for small apartments, traveling, and student dorms! :tada:

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For other regions, we welcome you to order from GL.iNet Store: Opal (GL-SFT1200) Gigabit Wireless Router | AC1200 | OpenWrt | Pocket-sized | VPN โ€” GL.iNet

Is the USB-C power port PD compatible? If so, i would need to carry one fewer power source.


Yes it can be powered by standard PD power adapters.

Does the Opal feature any technical advantages over Beryl? I understand that it is way cheaper than the Beryl, but is it better in doing anything than the Beryl?

SFT1200 comes with 128M Nand flash, compared with MT1300โ€™s 32MB Nor flash.

And this is relevant for what use cases?

Will adguard be available for Opal with the extra nand flash?

There are router comparisons in this link:

GL-MT1300 has more RAM, USB 3.0 and faster VPN.

Compared to small Nor flash, bigger Nand flash can install more software packages, hold more vpn profiles and write much faster.

โ€ฆ sigh โ€ฆ so now I have 5 GL-iNet devices :slight_smile:

Did I read it right that Opal is on the 18.06 branch of OpenWRT?

From the Q&A, presumably because of the sunflower chip:

The OpenWrt version of SFT1200 is 1806 and it is NOT Fully open source.
By GL Technologies

We hate to have so many models.

Chipset shortage โ€ฆ

Ah, itโ€™s OK- all mine work, but at such a cheap price I had to :slight_smile: I also bought a Beryl as it was on sale- that one, I have a use-case for though.

Hi, is there a way to update this modelโ€™s Openwrt to 21.02? or are you releasing a firmware soon?because the Beryl does support 21.02 per release notes

SFT1200 still does not update to 21.02 according to the info I have.

awโ€ฆ can it not update at least to 19.07?
Any news though that it will be updated?