Overcurrent on usb power - 6416 is gone

hi i made a bad choice and fed my router by usb port of a pc instead of a power supply. overcurrent happened on my nice 6416 device now totally is dead. i can spot a little chip damaged and burnt near power usb at power section, probably dc converter chip. everything is gone. no serial no leds… is it possible to save my device? external power? or part number of chip. plz help. its really a mischance :frowning:

I don’t think plugging it into a PC USB was the problem, as that will only supply 0.5A/5V.

yep, no problem with pc itself until your pc’s power supply works well. this happened after a suddenly power blackout. however, device is now hardly broken and useless except its pretty box…

The little 6 pin IC on the top side near the USB A socket is marked: IAANF

I’m not sure if that is the DC converter or the 8 pin one on the bottom side of the board near the inductor

thank u rich, its 8 pin chip on bottom side that is bumped and burnt, can u spot its part number?

Can you post a photo?

hi alzhao, here is dead body of my router. sorry quality is beyond of poor bc i lost my phone and everything which was connected to my pc.

i think it is first version of 6416.

however i’m not dead set on fixing this, i replaced it with an ar150 and ordred an ar300m

sent to hardware engineer

Hi squad_31.The chip is “MP2162”.I don’t see your pics clearly,And if The chip is burned(like you said),the PCBA is burned too.
We once got some burned 6416,when we soldered the chip and found the PCBA PAD is burned too.
You can check it.

z353664407, thanks for part number. at moment my router showed its smoke i guessed that it can’t be fixed. ar9331 was badly hot. i picked some good wall adapters for my new routers. thanks again for help and responds.