Override DNS Settings for All Clients

What is this really for? I read that if I am using vpn, then enable this.

If I am not using vpn, do I need to leave this enabled?

Override DNS Settings for All Clients : Enabling this option will capture DNS request from all connected clients.

Do you need the big explanation about how DNS works or what is this question about?

It will override all DNS requests so the router will answer them instead of individually servers which might or might not be defined on the client itself.

Thank you for your reply.

If I have it turned off, does it impact security in any way?


If you already use encrypted DNS on your devices: No.
If you don’t and the router uses encrypted DNS: Yes.

Connected to my router are my laptops, phones and wifi cameras. I don’t know if they are using encrypted DNS.

So it is probably better to leave it enabled?

Indeed. Won’t hurt anyway.

Just make sure the router is using encrypted DNS and not the DNS provided by your ISP.

Is there instruction on how to make the router use encrypted dns or is this a service that needs to be bought? Thank you for your persistent help on this.

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I am not sure if “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” is directly related to the WIFI Calling but when it is turned on, then there are skips and pauses in the call.

Also, the router would freeze up when downloading large files. I am not sure if turning off the above or enabling the IGMP Snooping have resolved the freeze issue.

Both issues have been resolved when I:
Override DNS Settings for All Clients = OFF
IGMP Snooping = ON

Last, can I setup like this in the picture? Will this help with security (encrypted)? Sorry, this is not my area of expertise.

Before, I did not use “DNS over TLS”. Does that result into the Automatic Mode from your link “Automatic, use the gateway of the parent router”? Because Automatic mode selection does not exist in my Beryl router.

No, shouldn’t be related to.

As long as you enable DNS over TLS it will improve your security.