Overriding geo location

How can I override geolocation from the router by VPN? Because when I install VPN on my glinet router, it changes only ip and IP location. I can’t turn off my work laptop geolocation nor I can’t install the VPN app on my laptop. How can I adjust the overriding geo-location with VPN service from the direct router?

I guess that geolocation data is stored locally. To test this, you can try running the browser in incognito mode.

That sounds like the laptop has GPS capabilities.

Let’s say we set up a VPN tunnel structure with Glinet routers. If a resident of the United States continues to work for an American company from abroad, this is not considered a company policy, and secondly, there seem to be restrictions on taxation. Are there any of you who work remotely from America in this situation?

1. What is the worst possible punishment for you if the company somehow catches you?

2. Is there a ban on this by the state in the USA, by institutions such as the IRS, tax, financial, and security?