OVPN Multihop Wireguard

Hi, I’m not sure what the right term is but the glinet app comes with preset interfaces for a few different providers, meaning you just have to enter your VPN account username and password and you can access all the wireguard servers through that. OVPN is one of the preset interfaces included and as they’ve just created dynamic multihop (Blog post) I wanted to ask if this feature will be added to the app? Hopefully this is understandable. Thanks

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You mean “mulihop”?

I don’t know how they implment that. In the router it is just standard wireguard.

If they hop from the wireguard server side, then it should be fine.

But you cannot do any special settings in the router side. Maybe just choose some server that does multihop

Multihop and dynamic multihop are different, its pretty surprising for you not to know. Previously multihop with OVPN was only possible through OpenVPN protocol but now they’ve enabled it for wireguard too and the dynamic element means you selectively choose hop 1 and hop 2. Read the blog post OP linked

  • Improvement: changed Connection View to account for dynamic Multihop selection

  • Improvement: while connected with Multihop, the Connection View now show both entry and exit points

  • Improvement: changed default VPN protocol from OpenVPN to WireGuard

  • New: it is now possible to select both entry- and exit servers with Multihop

  • New: added Multihop support for WireGuard