Own safe VPN service GL-AR750S-Ext

I have bought a GL-AR750S-Ext router for on the road, but I am thinking to use the router to make my own VPN service for my ipad/iphone on holidays. Is it possible to connect the AR750 behind a cable router (by port forwarding) and connect my ipad/iphone by wireguard vpn to my home. And use this for safe internet on public hotspots and to connect to my camera’s at home (by VPN tunnel).

Cable Router → WAN RJ45 AR750

I got it some sort of working with this post.

Butt can not connect to the local lan, only to the internet.

Does your iphone/ipad show the VPN connected? I tested your setup and the local lan can be accessed.

Yes my phone show connected, and i can go to browse the internet from my phone. But i am not able to connect to the local devices in the LAN. Also when i am connected i get the WAN IP on the phone from my home connection. How did you setup the router.

My setup is:

I export wireguard client config on ar750s to use on mt300n-v2, with peer address modifed to router WAN ip, and setup port forward on router.

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