Package: wakeonlan

I have installed the following extension in Flint 1800.
But where can I find this extension in the router interface?

Package: wakeonlan
Version: 0.41-1
Depends: libc, perl, perlbase-getopt, perlbase-net, perlbase-socket
Status: install user installed
Section: net
Architecture: all
Size: 3313
Filename: wakeonlan_0.41-1_all.ipk
Description: With this package you can remotely wake up and power on machines which have motherboards or network cards that support ‘Wake-on-Lan’ packets. . The tool allows you to wake up a single machine, or a group of machines. . You need the MAC addresses of machines to construct the WOL packets, but, in contrast to ‘etherwake’, you do not need root privileges to use the program itself as UDP packets are used.

There is no interface for it, it’s just a CLI program.

Try this one: [OpenWrt Wiki] package: luci-app-wol

Thanks for your help,
[OpenWrt Wiki] Package: luci-app-wol