Packet loss issu

I am using a GL-MT300N-V2 with wireguard client. When I do a network test using the program “WinMTR” I always have packet loss. Does anybody have an idea how I can resolve this please?

  1. hmm if I were you I would first try to diagnose which is the culprit in your home network if you already know you can skip this to point 2:

On windows I would first start cmd and ping from pc to the nearest gateway lets say that it is your GL-MT300N-V2 (edit: highly recommended using a cable first to eliminate the possibility between cabled and wireless), if that ping starts doing weird then either it could be a bad cable in case you made your own patch cables, or something on the router is wrong a wrong ping really shows fluctating ms.

now if that isn’t the case and you see just <1ms or 1ms you want to test one gateway further and ping to there aswell, lets say that this is your modem.

if that modem also shows a good ms delay and no packet loss at all, ping a external ip like and also do a tracert to get a good picture how one packet follows the gateways to the point where you can also see the ms between modem and your isps city box (edit or wireguard gateway), this gives you a real good idea where it might get stuck, if its the wireguard gateway it might be a mtu issue.

I know some modems can be dodgy some use puma chipsets which crash if you sent to many packet overhead this might be your issue but perhaps not.

  1. if it happens on your router and you are 100% sure show us a log from luci (you can access it in settings), there could be alot of reasons why it shows packet loss, (edit added:)mtu issues, software issues, or even puma chipsets (I know this from experience gaming plus vpn caused me lots of trouble with hickups of sometimes 400ms or more between lan and modem and when I pinged it looked stable for first 4 ping until I did 50 and noticed after 20 it did it once and dropped the connection)

Don’t forgot mentioning the firmware version.

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