Parental control missing block internet access Ruleset

I’m using the MT2500 with the latest beta firmware 4.4.6rc2.
I wanted to bock a device from accessing the internet. I saw that the way to do this now is via the parental control. Following the documentation it should select “block internet access” ruleset but on my device i don’t have this ruleset.
Only have drop_all, accept_all, policy_drop_game and all three of them appear not to be configured (Block access to 0 sites)


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Could you clear browser cache, refresh web , and post the screenshot here if problem persistes?“drop_all” is the variable name of “block internet access” and “accept_all” is the variable name of “No Limit”.BTW, you can also block device by turning on the “block” button on Clients page.

Clearing cache didn’t work. I can’t use the block button of the client list because i only want to block the wan part and not the lan.

here is what i see in the parental control ruleset

It looks like there is something wrong with the configuration file of parental control.Could you help to run the commands below via ssh and send me the results? Which browser and version you are using?You can also run “cp /rom/etc/config/parental_control /etc/config/” to reset the setting of parental control to factory if you do not want to keep any configuration for parental control.

curl -H 'glinet: 1' -k -d "{\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\",\"method\":\"call\",\"params\":[\"\",\"parental-control\",\"get_config\",{}],\"id\":1}"
cat /etc/config/parental_control
cat /rom/etc/config/parental_control

Hi, resetting the parental control to factory worked. Thank you

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