Parental Control?


Have you looked at Goodcloud and its web interface?

This is what it looks at on my Android phone.

If you go to: you go direct to the client management page.

(XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX seems to depend on what device you are viewing as I have a few hardware clients and each web address for the clients on each device is different. You would just have to initially go to the client page of your device and then bookmark the unique address)

Once you login you get the above screen where you can see what clients are attached to your router and you can block particular units if required.

Around the information you want (e.g. device name etc), you’d probably have to set this in the hostnames file on your device, but I’m guessing you’ll have to do this anyway with the new app, as the names that devices provide sometimes aren’t very descriptive anyway. So give each device a friendly name ( you can see I’ve done this is several cases)

Might be worth looking at and implementing before the app if you at least need to block some of your devices manually at times.

Oh and if you really want granular parental control and be able to monitor download limits, time limits etc can I suggest you look at maybe integrating a Gargoyle router into your network. Fantastic for controlling the kids :blush:

Thanks for the suggestion. However, my primary usage would be for use inside our house, so goodcloud doesn’t really provide any advantage. If I wanted a webclient, I can already do that by connecting to the gateway router by its IP address.

Also, I prefer an app interface, one that will store the password encrypted in the app. Having to copy and paste a long password, or re-enter it on the phone browser, is a pain. Perhaps there is an openwrt app available?

I read the article you linked on Gargoyle. It says explicitly that it does not measure usage time, which would be my preferred way of managing the kids’ access. I am unclear whether or not it makes it easy or hard to block a child’s (or device’s) access from a phone app. Any thoughts?

Now it is just a switch to block or unblock.

@alzhao I’m not sure what you are sharing, but yes, an app that would save your password (in a secure way) and auto log into the router, then give you each connected client, which you could block or not block, is what I am waiting for.

@alzhao, any updates?

It is a shame that progress is so slow.

Is there any active development on this Android app?

Yes. We will release for testing within one or two weeks.

Released to whom for testing? Me?

Public. Are you using Iphone or android?

If Android you can test now!

Android. How do I test now?

Which router are you using?

B1300 is the router I use.

The app only works with firmware 3.027 and later. Better 3.100

How to get a copy of 3.100 for B1300?

You can use it on your 3.027 first. We are working on 3.100. Because we added some functions so it is slow.

No worries! The android works as expected on v3.027!

I’ll be very excited to get the iPhone version also, as that is what my wife has! Is that the one you predict a few weeks away from getting a test copy?

In order to use the IOS version, we need your UDID so that you can install.

But we don’t want to use your UDID. So please wait a while and we will put on Apple APP store. Maybe we will use TestFlight first.

We are still not very satisfied with the app experience and there are a lot of task to do. So delay and delay.