Parental Control?

I’d love to use my GL-inet to do some access control. I understand that, if you have the password, you can use the web interface to kill access to/from a specific device. I’m trying to make this dead simple for my partner. Has anyone played with designing a simple app that could turn on and off access to a specific IP or MAC address?

We have this. But still under development. You can control your router locally (using local API) or remotely via GoodCloud.

Should be available next week.

Correction: next month. August 2019

Thanks for the quick reply. So will this be an Android or iPhone app? Or web app? What will you call it, and how can I learn more?

It is for Android and iPhone, not web.

Now you can use web to control: GoodCloud.

Few questions:

  1. If the phone is already a DHCP client and connected on the LAN side (i.e. the phone is “in the house”), there is no need to use GoodCloud, DDNS, etc?

  2. What will you call this mobile phone app?

  3. How will the router admin password be stored on the phone? Will it be encrypted, so other programs on the phone will not be able to access? Even on rooted Android phones?

  4. Is GoodCloud a paid service?

  1. Yes you can use web panel to control if you are in LAN. But an APP simplifies operation greatly. So the app is mainly used to operate multiple devices remotely. But we have more use it to use some applications e.g. vpn etc.
  2. Now it is called GoodCloud APP in development.
  3. These issues is still not one problem because this app is still under development. But thanks for reminding and we put this in development schedule.
  4. GoodCloud is free for individuals and you can control 10 routers. For business users it will be a paid service.

And it should be ready next week? How firm is that deadline?

Sorry. Next month. My mistake.

I understand that Parental Control is not the main purpose of this app. However, I think a few design elements would make this app a fairly effective parental control app, and would increase its value.

  1. On the main display of the app, make a button that says “Parental Control”. For now, it could just point to the Client page. Later, it might make sense to have a separate Client page specifically formatted for Parental Control.

  2. In the Client page, give users the option to “star” or “favorite” certain clients, and move these Favorited clients at the top of the client list.

  3. Allow a notes section for the favorited (or all) Clients to make them easy to identify. Notes such as “George’s iPad. Target is 45 min per day.”

  4. [slightly more complicated] Add a count-up timer for each of the favorited clients. Make it possible to reset this timer, or have it count up for every minute that the client is active (resetting at midnight).

Any chance that I could be an alpha or beta tester for the GoodCloud APP?

iPhone or Android?

Pls let me know.

Android, but I have an iPhone to test with as well. So either.

Okay. Pls wait a few weeks. Maybe one or two.

The app is lack of some features that it has to be included.

Any updates? Again, I do not need a perfectly working version. An alpha or beta version at this point would be much appreciated. (and I would give feedback.)

checking again, bump, bump

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OK, I waited one week, then two weeks, then a month. Please provide an update. Like I said, I am happy to work with an incomplete app as long as it has some functionality working.

@alzhao Any update on this?

Sorry. Still under developing and at least 2 more weeks to show something.

@alzhao, any progress to report?

Wow. Exactly two more weeks passed.

Actually we finished the design but not yet finish development.