Parents control open source projects

I’m here to introduce my Parental Control Open Source project at GitHub - gl-inet/parental-control. This project is currently integrated into the glinet 4.2.0 firmware or higher.

This project implements the following functions

  1. Manage device groups and dynamically adjust Internet access policies according to schedules.
  2. Support application feature identification
  3. Support temporary modification of Internet access policies
  4. Prohibit unmanaged devices from accessing the Internet

In the open source community, there are already many open source projects of this type, but some of them are too simple to realize the application of DPI, and some projects are too heavy and need to occupy a lot of resources. Therefore, I developed this project, which can realize simple and efficient DPI function without occupying a lot of hardware resources. This project works in kernel space, and almost all devices running openwrt system can work.

I have detailed how to use this project in the project readme. If you have any questions, you can directly give feedback on github.


I’ll try it in my new kids-vlan, soon. (@alzhao I need a new router, what is the best device, today? :wink: )

Very good documentation. The readme is far ahead of the most PC OpenSource projects, I’ve tested so far!
Thanks for your work.

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Pls choose AXT1800 or MT3000.

Thanks a lot.
My wife got the AXT1800 for her segment (no need for parental control), so the kids will got the MT1300 :slight_smile:

It seems finally Gl-Inet is replacing my AVM Mesh, finally.