As things stand right now I’m seeking to expand an ongoing business of Internet service provision. My leverage is legitimately not having to finance for overhead fee because I’m capable of accessing internet free at high speeds depending solely on equipment use in setup. It took years of study and practical experience but it has been worth cause as a new father I was and still able to feed my family from profits. In balance my solutions have given low income homes and rural situated homes the access to internet at way better rates and reliability than the big guys. now i express all this to our community as our #1 supplier gl.inet has created multiples of device that support the needs of people just like us. To expand our current endeavors as creator’s and pushing the hardware to the limit. With over 2.9 million homes and establishments currently underserved or overpaying for internet access, there is more than enough opportunity to scale in which I have already began. Where I need the support most right now is in equipment and like minded individuals to work with. My initial approach was big investors like our suppliers themselves Gl.inet. But just like their approach of working with the minority of diy folks , I bare same outlook in giving our community first preference in partnership. Thanks for your patience guys and connect with me for details. It all would be too much to write here

If you would like to discuss business cooperation with us, please send an email to

Will do. Apologies if my proposal here was improper.