PEAP authentication Ar150

Hello people,

I wonder how can I repeat my hotel wifi which has a PEAP authentication followed by a captive login.
By cloning the mac id with the existing connected device. I think I will be able to bypass the captive login.

However, I cant connect to the wifi as it requires both username and password to log in ( PEAP). The ar150 UI has an option only to enter the password.

Help, please.

Thank YOU

It doesn’t support EAP on v2.x ui, but you can do it on luci.

but Cant find eap options on LUCI. i think i need to remove wpad mini and add wpad… Let me try…

Yeah! All right. If you use the old firmware, you must uninstall wpa-mini ipk, and install wpad ipk. Good luck!

Just to give you some hope, I do not know if this works on stock GL firmware but PEAP is definitely possible via LUCI on LEDE/OpenWRT so as long as the packages are right you should be able to do it.

Well I updatted my firmware. and the latest one already have WPAD . SO now I have the option to slected PEAP authentication. But still i cannot succesfully connect to the network… Dont know where I messed up.

Does the station interface up? If not, you should specific one name to it via edit /etc/config/wireless, add option ifname ‘wlan-sta’. Finally restart wifi.

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thnx buddy… All set… connected at last…

However the wifi speed is horrible… but when connected via lan ethernet the network speed is good.
Any way to fix the slow wifi…

Could you please try to connect the EAP with you phone, and how about the speed?

The phone speed is also very good. Only issue with laptops wifi speed.

However, i have changed the routers Wireless WAN mac-id to my Laptops mac id, to get the router connected to the hotel wifi. Can the mac id be the cause of slow wifi speed?