Peolpe who have a GL-MT1300 / Beryl: What's your honest experience so far

I current have a GL-AR750S-Ext / Slate and could not be happier with it. I have been looking to upgrade it with either the GL-MT1300 / Beryl or the GL-B1300 / Convexa-B.

I’m leaning towards the Beryl as I really want a more power Slate, but the amount of issues I read about in these forums about it is somewhat scaring me off of it and towards the Convexa-B, due to it having more speed, mesh and mu-mimo despite being bigger and not being able to be powered by a regular powerbank.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. Im one of the people that has had problems with the mt1300. After working through the problems with support through email we were able to diagnose the problem and find a solution on the 9th. On the 15th they released a snapshot that fixes the issues. This device might have been released a little early and could have benefited from further in house testing, but all in all I’m very happy with is performance and support has been nothing but patient and helpful. Btw, the issue being fixed should solve the sd card issues and usb problems some people have had. Hope this helps you with your decision.

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I’m very happy with it. I’d get another one / recommend it to a tech-oriented person any time.

It required me to go into the command line more often than not. In particular I found:

  • IPv6 implementation being “mostly ok” (weird ULA prefix, wrong wireguard server firewall, and some other woes…)
  • Wireguard implementation works nicely, but sometimes does strange stuff and you need to fix manually (like setting persistent keepalive on servers, not accepting valid Wireguard configs, …)
  • A particular SD card I have does not work at all (others seem to be fine)

Most of the stuff JustWorks™, so …

In terms of performance, I have not seen any issue (not even in AP-STA mode). WiFi coverage is very good. It seems to be quite a powerful device. It also has a decent Flash to install additional applications and not being overly constrained (I would’ve loved to get 128 MB, but ok… one cannot have everything :))

All in all, I see super fast support around here most of the time, and seems snapshots are fixing issues people are reporting.

The decision of Convexa-B vs. Beryl is probably more on the type of use you expect to have… if it is for travelling, I’d get a Beryl any time. If it is for home use, I’d let others say…

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I’ve been very pleased with it as a travel router. it is a big step up from my Mango, but I’m using it the same way: connected to a wifi router, repeating to my own network and using wireguard and openvpn clients to connect to the mothership. The advantage over the mango is range, dual band and higher throughput at the cost of more power and size.

There are some minor issues that are being worked out in the firmware, particularly with LuCI. The 201 beta of 2/27 is a good step up. The beta of 3/15 moves to 19.07.7 but breaks LuCI. Not sure what it fixed for the other poster, but I’ve rolled back for now.

An upside is it has a USBC power connector, a downside is that it is a 3 amp connection so it won’t work well off another USB charger. I haven’t tried that but my phone and laptop are all USB C now, so I’m expecting to move to a 100w USB charger with multiple cables soon. That will be easier. I wouldn’t want another proprietary power brick for travel.

The connexant has mesh and a quad core processor but no external antennas, so I think it is less suited as a travel router.

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