Per client traffic monitoring options

What’s the easiest way to setup per client traffic monitoring so that I can account for the monthly bandwidth utilization reported by my Internet service provider?

I see the real time traffic monitoring on the router but I’m looking for an agent and server setup to aggregate and report over time.

Something time series based with a web dashboard would be perfect!

We do have this on GoodCloud.
We are adding this to some of our product models.

What model do you have on hand?

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Am I seeing a different version of GoodCloud? Or do I have an unsupported device? Either way, I’m not seeing the Statistics …


Hey Alfie

I can’t see this option either in my good cloud :thinking:

We haven’t released to the public because this will consume a lot of bandwidth of our server and we need to pay. We will develop billing features to enable this feature.


Ok, that explains it then :slight_smile:

I suspect if I needed this sort of functionality in a home environment, I’d probably integrate and use an AR150 or MT300N-V2 with Gargoyle router software on it.

Not information that I need badly enough to pay for (though I understand why you’d need to charge to cover costs :slight_smile: )

My ISP, Xfinity (Comcast), charges $70/month for 1.2TB of data usage and 200mbps bandwidth and an extra $30/month for unlimited data usage ( … that’s as much as $1200/year.

I have 20 active devices on my home network and three teenagers attempting to stream the entire Internet!

I am VERY willing to pay a reasonable monthly subscription to meter data usage to the individual client.

Any chance I can use the feature and give you feedback while you’re developing the ability to bill it? I can already see from your screenshot that it could be improved.



Pls send email to I have told them your requirement.

BTW, even you can monitor who is using your internet, you may have to throttle your teenager’s.

for sure some of your math is wrong. $70 might include a small tv package and if upgrading to unlimited is $30 per month then…30x12=$360 per year. unlimited fios 1gb up/down is like $85 per year if available in your area.

YAMon (Yet Another Monitor) works well:

It says you need a USB port to install from a USB drive, but I used a microSD card that worked really well.