Per user bandwidth monitoring

Hi all, I am the proud owner of a GL-AR300A - brilliant little piece of kit.

However, I am trying to get per-user bandwidth monitoring working. I have installed YAMon (YAMon:: Usage monitoring by group and device...) and it is now happily logging my bandwidth and storing it on an attached USB drive.

However, I am unable to view live reports… the instructions say to visit however when I do, I am taken automatically to the GL.Inet settings page (

Is there any way to change this redirection?

Many thanks in advance!


I think there is no /usr/index.html in the router. Seems you didn’t install all the needed package.

You could ssh to the router and check. When the file is not existing, it will go to the main UI.

For the last couple of days I have been struggling with this myself. Eventually found the answer on GitHub - jlhughes/openwrt-yamon: YAMon2 for openwrt even though the link is from 2015.

It seems as if you only need to change the links to make it work.

Do this via Putty:
cd /www
ln -s /tmp/www yamon

Then this link should work;


I need some help, I am trying to set up Yamon on my AR 300M also. I am struggling with two issues. One, I followed the instructions on the yamon site and formatted a USB stick to the ext partion but the ar300 will not see it in the GLI UI. If I put an off the shelf (NTFS format I presume) usb stick in the router it sees it just fine.


I am struggling with getting the file onto the unit. I’ve tried WinSPC and Putty but have yet to succeed. Can someone help?


Can you give the link of the guide?

Hi! Just stumbled across the site and chiming in a little late

I can answer the YAMon questions (as I am its author)

The issue of permissions was fixed recently… the latest download can be found at YAMon:: Usage monitoring by group and device...