Performance hit when not using HW/accel on Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)?

Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) has an option for Hardware acceleration. It’s sort of unclear what the device actually gets HW acceleration on (NAT I assume) but it’s dutily noted that client statistics and QOS features won’t work with this on.

I’ve been trying to see if there’s any perf impact of having HW on vs off and I can’t discern any differences. I’d really like to have client stats on but not if there’s a performance loss.

Anyone around here can shed a light on the impact of turning HW accell off?

With hardware acceleration turned off, the WIFI throughput is up to 1G, which is also suitable for most usage scenarios.


What is the throughput with acceleration enabled?

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We tested a maximum throughput of 2.3Gb.



From some unofficial data sheet dump

the MT7981B’s embedded QoS hardware-based NAT engine transmits audio/video streams with higher priority than other non-real-time services, which also enriches home entertainment applications. SFQ separates P2P sessions from audio/video sessions so that MT7981B can guarantee streaming services