Persistent issues with different GL iNET devices

This is getting ridiculous. It’s been MANY many months since myself and others before me brought up these issues. So far no resolution at all. Why is that?

I like this hardware platform, but I will be abandoning it due to such large glaring issues never being addressed. I will be posting my issues to as many places as I can to help other folks NOT waste their time and hard earned money on these devices.

I began with the Opal, was told the firmware update would fix it’s issues. Did a firmware update and lost filesharing! Was told Slate Plus works great, bought Slate Plus. No repeater reconnect and cannot see my home routers nor my wifi phone hotspot (not iPhone) Was told the 4.5.0 firmware would fix the repeater reconnect issue. It doesn’t AND it’s worse now than before.

Also, the router never sees my Verizon phone wifi hotspot, thou EVERY other device can see and connect to it on both 2.4 and 5ghz bands with no issues at all.

Does customer service mean anything any more?


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You could very well have a bad unit. It happens. Send it back & replace w/ a fresh one.

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After sending a copy of my forum posts to customer service, I was contacted by Bernard who said it’s likely bad hardware and no firmware reflashing would fix it. He then offered to send me a new Slate plus.

1 Day later I received TWO emails from different people at Glinet asking me to send back my router and then they’d send me one back.

It’s not that i don’t trust them, but that would mean i have NO router for that location for an unspecified amount of time with no real guarantee that I would receive one.

I purchased through Amazon and there seems to be no mechanism (other than a dispute) to return for a replacemen. As you know, most of the time, Amazon will ship one out and if you don’t return the old one in a specified amount of time, you get charged for the new one. I’m OK with that as I am happy to send back the unit that doesn’t work well!

Sadly, this is becoming the regular way of doing business for companies like Glinet. Maybe they will see this and change their “policy.”

I still have TWO routers that are unusable due to issues on the company’s side. Either firmware that crippled features on the Opal or this repeater disconnect issue that plagues ALL Glinet routers.


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This is pretty common for all devices that don’t have a professional support contract. Even expensive computers, laptops and so on.
Ofc we could discuss if it’s customer-friendly - but it’s normal.

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They offer to replace the router and you still crying :unamused:


I am not “crying.”

An offer to replace the router (which isn’t really an offer, it’s warranty."

Once offered, they should send one as offered. Not have two people ask for one back as an exchange. If they are timid about losing a non-working device, run the return through Amazon, like most companies do. Amazon will charge the customer if the item is NOT returned.


Yeah, sorry my man: no company is going to ‘cross ship’ unless you’re willing to pull out a credit card for them to keep on file (thereby billing you if you don’t actually return the defective unit)… but that’s usually only in the RMA process for items that’re normally retail in the hundreds of dollars (eg: video cards, workstations). It’s pretty much a standard operating procedure these days. I’m surprised Amazon would even offer it.

If I were in your shoes, I’d pick up a used router on the cheap fr Craiglist or something like that if you can’t borrow an old one short term. 20.00USD would be my upper limit. Once GL straightens everything out, I’d put the used one in storage as a spare, just in case.

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Why is it that no one reads posts before replying? I see this behavior everywhere.

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What was the question?

What exactly do expect GL to do for you, Rick? To stroke your hair while they whisper sweet nothings into your ear? This is consumer grade tech. If you want ‘next day replacement’ from enterprise level support contracts you’re going to need to shell out a couple thousand or more for it.

RMA them or send them back to AMZN. File a dispute with your credit card issuer if it’ll make you feel better; some offer warranties on purchases regardless of the manufacturer’s period.

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So you already at least one replaced, then. 2024 Jan 14:

Interesting :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: