Pia ovpn files


im having so much headache from getting the PIA ovpn files to work with my GL-MT300N.

Can someone kind enough to upload a working PIA (tcp) ovpn zip file so i can upload it in my router?


thank you.




okay guys i finally got Pia ovpn working!

not sure what i did but it just worked all of a sudden lol

My next question is can i use a modded ovpn file with http proxy and http host ?

On Openvpn Connect app on Android, i use the pia ovpn and add this to the config file and works.

http-proxy (proxy) (port)


http-proxy-timeout 5

http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER Host (hostsite)

http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER X-Online-Host (hostsite)


but wont work when i use the settings in my router.

is there a work around to get it working?

this is a screenshot of the status when i use a http-proxy in the ovpn config file.


I think http-proxy is not supported by the openvpn version on routers so it is broken. Can you tell me how you will use http proxy so that I can check if there is a way to compile openvpn with http-proxy support. As the router will router all the traffic from its clients to the vpn, I assume this is enough for use.

If you want to use http-proxy, do you mean you want other devices which not connect to the router itself can use the vpn via http-proxy? Is there a reason you don’t want to connect to the router directly?

hi Alzhao,

thank you for looking into it.

i want to use a modified ovpn file that contains http-proxy and headers.

i plug a 3g/4g usb modem in the mini router and connect to the vpn. then i can connect my other devices (phones, tablets, laptops) to the mini router.

On android, Openvpn Connect apk supports http-proxy and headers.

On Windows, there is a modified Openvpn software called “Openvpn OST”



MNDVPN also supports it.



If you connect your other devices to the mini router, they will be routed through vpn. What an http proxy can do now?


yes but my vpn wont connect using the modified ovpn file.

The modified ovpn file has http-proxy and headers in the config.

Only original ovpn file works.



<p style=“text-align: left;”>has anyone successfully connected to a vpn using a http proxy and port yet?</p>

Any updates if we can use HTTP-PROXY in the ovpn config file?


I just tried the current openvpn support http proxy. But I cannot really test because I don’t have a working http proxy.

Do you have a working http proxy so that I can try? Does this need to be support by the openvpn server or there is no such limitations?

Any server will support HTTP proxy but it has to be TCP protocol. UDP cannot.

I do have a working proxy but it’s only for my mobile network.

U can try Xroxy.com for a working one.

Please do try & test. I really hope you can get it to work on the OpenVPN in our routers and mifi :slight_smile: