PIA Wireguard No Internet

I just recieved my MT1300 today and promptly set it up. When Trying to add a PIA using Wireguard through the app it is able to get and apply the profile however after any devices connected to it no longer get internet. I’m not sure what else I need to provide for assistance but am happy to get it.

I have figured out I can ping and tracert but cant load webpages.

You can ping IP address or domain? Which of the following goes through?

ping google.com

Seems only ping works. When not using the VPN I can do both just fine and I have surf

In that case your DNS does not work.
Do you use the VPN only policy and block non VPN traffic?

Then you can try to set up customzed DNS server in the router.

I setup a custom DNS in settings and al is working now. Thank you for the help