Picking A Fast VPN

They have Nordlynx which is Wireguard protocol.
I have it setup on my Spitz

Nordlynx is a proprietary protocol based on Wireguard, but it's not plain Wireguard.

How are you running it on your Spitz?

You can try this: https://nord-configs-crafter.pages.dev/

Interesting web site. The only issue is I needed my public and private keys. Based on my research, I can get it on a linux computer running NordVPN

So...I spent the past 90 minutes installing a linux VM on my NAS, installing NordVPN on it only to find out that I need to install Wireguard, too. I just threw in towel. I'll just use a commercial VPN that supports Wireguard.

I think I know why NordVPN doesn't get a lot of love when it comes to Wireguard on a router.

NordVPN is somewhat scary. I don't like them.
I recommend Mullvad.

I have around 600mbps with NordVPN wireguard on Flint2.

Also i see Tp-Link has manage to use the token provided by NordVPN to connect to wireguard : How to set the NordVPN WireGuard on TP-Link Wireless Router

You need your token. You can get it from your nordvpn account. On the website provided by @admon you can generate the private key. I have spent 2 days with Linux VM to get the configs :)) didnt pay attention here. that website create everything for you.

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So...I got my token from the NordVPN web site. I generated my private key from @admon web site and generated a few conf files. I manually update the files with my private key and uploaded them to the Flint 2. None of them would actually start a tunnel to NordVPN.

Can you post content of the .conf file? please remove the private key before posting. Or verify if you have this line : Address = in the .config because i am sure is missing. for me was same .

Config should look like this :

Address =
ListenPort = 51820
PrivateKey = Your private key here
DNS =,

AllowedIPs =, ::0/0
Endpoint = - must be changed with the server you want to connect
PersistentKeepalive = 25
PublicKey = Your public key here