Picking A Fast VPN

I have a beryl 1300 router and planning to install VPN on it.

According to this article, NordVPN is the fastest.

Any thoughts on this?

I am at 225 Mbps without VPN. What should be expected if I am on VPN?

Also, in the glinet app on my phone to setup “VPN on router”, it shows NordVPN as OpenVPN, not as Wireguard. If I choose NordVPN, would it be setup as OpenVPN?

Last, is it as easy as just sign up and pay, then enter the user name and password into the glinet app to setup VPN?

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Don’t use Nord.

With VPNs, you can remember what generally applies on the Internet: If the product is sold super-cheap (Nord sometimes has 82% off or more), then YOU are the product.

Go with Mullvad.net instead.

Via Wireguard you can expect approx. 91 Mbps.
Via OpenVPN it’s only approx. 21 Mbps.



Would Mullvad be faster than if I was to buy another beryl 1300 and setup my own vpn server? Any tips would be appreciated.

It depends on your upload of your own VPN server but basically speaking, yes, a VPN provider will be faster.

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Thanks for the valuable information.

Will sign-up for mullvad.


Just to make you aware, all those links on that article are referral commission links, now I’m not saying that the article has listed them in highest referral commission payer, but it is suspicious.


As @hecatae mentioned, never trust those “VPN Review” websites. They are 99% referral commission link based.

That said, I use PIA and using WireGuard on my Windows PC get around 850 Mbps down and 600 Mbps up. With all VPN’s; factors affecting your speeds with be your ISP speeds and the your client’s abilities. You won’t see super fast speeds with an old, low powered computer or router.

As @admon mentioned, GL-iNet rates the Beryl at 91 Mbps using WireGuard and 21 Mbps using OpenVPN. I wouldn’t worry about the “fastest” VPN provider but look for one that has a WireGuard solution for personal routers. Not all do and some do but with a complicated setup.

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Seems like Nord doesn’t get much love, but I have used it for years now.
It is very fast, and super easy to setup on various devices.
I haven’t seen any reports of them selling user data…

Well, it’s the same old story with all providers.

Is Google trustworthy? Or Microsoft?
Or Facebook?

Some will say “Yes”, some “No”
Finally it’s your own decision :slight_smile:

100% true.
I pretty much assume anything online is connected/monitored/bought & sold by someone at some point.
For my use cases…
geolocation to allow streaming
masking usage type from cellular provider
One additional layer of security on most online activity
Nord is ok. It is very fast. At home on my 900/50 connection, I get 800ish/40ish. Can’t complain.

Is it the most secure? Do they sell data? Will they rat you out if the government comes calling and you are doing nefarious stuff? Are there better options (better at what?) Maybe.

If I connect to a VPN that can provide 800 Mbps, will I be getting approximately 800 Mbps or will it be 225 Mbps? Of course, referring to a router that can handle either Mbps.

It depends on what your router can handle. Check the GL website for each router to find the one with the fastest WireGuard performance. (I would guess it’s the Flint2 right now)

But ofc your VPN speed won’t be higher than your ISP speed.

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Thanks for answering to a question that has been on my mind.

All these reviews are very biased because they are paid ‘referrals.’ The only service that doesn’t pay anyone, not even bloggers or YouTubers, is Mullvad, that’s why they don’t mention it, but it is the best provider.



The Beryl is only capable of 91 Mbps Wireguard or 21 Mbps Openvpn

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If I am looking for a good WireGuard router, would this be one?

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Yes its the fastest router for wireguard that GL have (± 900Mbps) almost double speed compared with the first Flint.



I prefer Proton VPN, but it is expensive.

Proton is cheaper than either Nord or Mullvad. I just got it for 2.5 years on their current deal. Also trialed Nord and was looking at PIA, because I wasn’t getting great performance, but it turned out to be the WAN port on my Beryl AX (I posted another thread about it). Proton working great now. PIA would be cheaper with the promo they’re running right now, but I’m too lazy to deal with the cancellation process for Proton!