Ping home PC from Work PC through Wireguard

Hi All,
I need to ping/reach my home PC from the work PC. The connecction architecture is as follow

I’d like to use wireguard. I tried with sample on gl webiste (GL-MT300N-V2 as Wireguard server and Work PC as Wireguard client) but I’m not able to ping the Home PC from work PC…
Every suggestion is kindly appreciated!


Ping is usually disabled by the firewall. You should check this.

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Just a ping between work PC and home PC?
Why not try to use Goodcloud? to check router is work, clients, etc.

not just ping, I need to 100% reach the PC (VNC, FTP,…) so I need a way to connect (VPN?) the home PC and Work PC

does the Goodcloud allow to connect the home and work PCs?

Disable the firewall on your PC for testing. If it works, create the necessary exclusions for the services you need.


Wait, the work-router isn’t an GL inet one?
How do you think you can connect the devices if none of them are “in your hand”?