PirateBox is running(big step for me)

I gave setting up piratebox one more try and I got it to work. Not a big a deal for others, but for an amateur like me it was. Going to load music and video and go into the wild(coffee shop) and see what happens. :smiley:

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For what model pls?


GL.Inet GL-AR150. Next project could be LibraryBox or FreedomBox.

Maybe AR150 is the only model compatible. Are these project still active?

LibraryBox and Piratebox seem not active now.

I was using the piratebox project to learn and gain skills at working at routers. Itโ€™s true the PB forum is gone, but there is active use of LibraryBox. I enjoy these sorts of projects.

Yes, thereโ€™s a beta for it in the DD-WRT repo from this month, this thing is still known and loved af.