Please add backup of settings in file?


Can you please add backup of settings in file?

It's already built-in:

Will be nice to see a full backup, I mean a feature that can backup everything that is available on GL-iNet GUI (VPN, AdGuard, Storage Device, etc)

It is not backing up VPN config, apps etc

That’s what I meant

I just tried it, it backs up everything including VPN config and AdGuard Home.

Since it saves the configuration files directly, I don't see how it could not save these settings. There is no other source for changes than the configuration files themselves.

Apps can't be backed up because they are installed and not inside configuration files.

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I'd suggest that you just use OpenWrt backup. The backup may only works one router because it contains mac address etc. But it just works. Not used so frequently.

If we add this feature, it will be surely be a complicated design.

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