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It depends on the level of risk you are prepared to undertake.

Unless you work for a large corporation that involves the government, military, health care, secret research, etc., it is somewhat unlikely that they would be specifically monitoring all employees’ remote locations. However, other large companies may still have tools/systems that keep logs of detailed records on inbound and outbound traffic that can be used for after-the-fact and forensic analysis (I used to work for one which does).

Can you clarify whether this is something such as a cloud VPS? There are tools and 3rd-party providers for detecting VPN and proxy that are more sophisticated than those common Internet websites. I think many of the commercial VPN providers’ public IP addresses are already registered in their databases and blacklists.

Personally, if I was in a similar position and wanted to minimize risk, I would set up a VPN server and a desktop computer at home, so that I can run a VPN client to connect home and RDP/remote control into the computer as if I was there.

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No. It is just power.

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Pls clarify this. it is your own vpn server?

I see. By using public vpn service it is likely you will be on the radar.

The best is to set up vpn in your home and use your home IP.

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Yes, as long as they don’t put any tracking on your phone.

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Trivially simple to see your dedicated IP is going to be a VPN.

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Be careful to log in at work times that are appropriate for your home timezone, not your local timezone. That is very easy to flag.

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Yeah it’s obvious - let’s see… would u mind deleting ur screenshot with the DNS details please? That would be great. I don’t want this traced back to me lol

We can close and preferably delete this thread now. Much appreciate all the input and feedback. Thanks guys! Very helpful. I will keep reading the forum to get an even better setup.

Sure. I picked just one of the 6,000 IPs they have in a /20 and /21 range.