Please Explain Different Firmwares

@kyson-lok You say you do not continue to support Tor firmwares for any routers?

Oh no.

How is it possible for me to create this? Tor is most important reason for having this.

Tor is pants - get yourself a VPN sub - multi years are available for well under $50 if you look.

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Tor is pants

I do not understand what you say here.

  • get yourself a VPN sub

What is “sub”? Do you say I must get VPN for Tor? But I like how old GL routers are use Tor mode with no VPN requirement. Is this to continue? It is why I like GL router.


Title of this is more important now. In other thread you are say here is DDNS firmwares here is tor firmwares but so many things you do not explain. If I use DDNS firmwares is also I will have GUI with OpenVPN drag and drop? I will also have tor?

Please make complete 100% list of all firmwares, all devices, all features. At this moment is very confusing.

Also what is imagebuilder!!! No explanation. It is necessary? Special? Please I am very involved and want use GL routers but not it possible if I don’t have understandings. Thank you so so much.

The firmware releases are explained here.

Imagebuilder is for firmware development. You don’t need to know that if you are a common users. Just omit that.

Let’s just say this: Tor firmware is not actively maintained now (as is Feb 2019). We advertise our router as vpn router, not tor router.

We have Tor firmware but it is totally open source and no support.

@alzhao Where? You say “The firmware releases are explained here.” but you do not have link. Please supply link that has explain for every GL router, every firmwares, words that explain what does every firmwares, including tor firmwares.

Forgot the link.

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@alzhao Oh this is really great. Thank you and thank you also.

OK, so this was actually what all of us have been asking for… because we’re told to go to v1 folder, but there are no GL tar balls there, only openwrt. The variance in types of files needs to be explained somewhere, or you’ll keep getting people bricking their devices, with no access to uboot via wifi, like me.

@misterB Yes is good @Alzhao send this link. I am hoping he continue to put all firmwares on this link with even more informations about every firmwares.

Post deleted - wrong thread!

@glitch this is the link: If it take you to Repeater place you have problem. The place it take me is same as I ask for.

You are correct! - I must have posted in the wrong thread!