Please explain firmwares!

So do search for new firmwares here:

I read release notes:

But now I continue not to know what is each different firmwares!

PLEASE PLEASE put sentence orparagraph for each firmwares every time make new firmwares. Because it is crazy having to flash every specifically one and try all features only to learn what is each firmwares! Please!

Making changes to firmware release systems and will make it clear.


:grimacing:I can’t wait any longer to see the news.
Thank you

It can be self explaining will reduce the need of customer support:

  • dont use same firmware version for different versions
  • use the same meaning for used download folder for every device
  • show the sub version of firmware in router gui, not only the major version, for all firmware versions
  • use a folder like “GL.iNet download center” and not “GL.iNet download center
  • use release notes for all versions, incl. subversion’s of firmware
  • it can be, restore and use the bug tracker will be a good idea too

The customer an shareholder will like it.


No you did not do this. Is not clear even today.


There is NO EXPLANATIONS of what this is. Is Tor inside these firmwares? Only openwrt? What?

Is completely unprofessional that you are thinking that everyone will have memory of your specific firmwares. Is professional to have explanation of each one, not group, but individual, every time you put on website. This is what everyone always do any time anyone have any file for download. Except GL. Is why GL is most unfriendly, and always upgrades should take 30 minutes take one week.