Please fix alphabetical column sorting feature in devices tab

Title says it all. This is a feature I use a lot and I am guessing it is just a typo in the code somewhere.

Thanks for your feedback, we will fix it as soon as possible.

A similar problem here: the list of my routers (I have 8 GL iNet routers) is not sorted correctly, both in GoodCloud and in the GL iNet app under iOS. I did some testing by changing the names and apparently first all v3 routers are listed in alphabetical order, and only then all v4 routers. Can you please change this so that the full list of Devices, both in GoodCloud and in the GL iNet app, is sorted alphabetically without taking into account the software version for the sorting?

This is a bug, it should only sort by name and online/offline. We’ll fix it in the next version. Thanks for your feedback.

The router name sorting issue has still not been solved, not on the GoodCloud website and neither for the iOS app. Can you please correct this before the next update?

The sorting feature will be fixed simultaneously in the upcoming V2.6.4 release of the GoodCould Website. We will be happy to provide you with a better version. Thank you for your patience.