Please help me -GL.Inet300 :) - Connected Ethernet device to show IP @ Router

Hi guys,

I am going crazy trying to solve this, never been the best with hardware and hoping somebody can help me within seconds, it is an easy one i think !!.


I have a main Router - Asus N66U.

I have a WiFi Extender > Connects to my N66U and creates its own Network.

I now have the GI.INet 300 and i need to be able to connect to the extender with a LAN device attached and when i log onto my main router be able to access the IP address of the connected LAN device.


The reason for all of the above is i have a Miner which connects only via Ethernet and i have looked at the routers settings, switched it to REPATER / BRIDGE mode, connected to the Extender… i can get internet 2 it, but when i log onto my main routers IP under connected devices all i see is a grouped network tab.


I need it show under my main router the IP address of the connected device via LAN, essentially exactly the same if i was to plug an ethernet into my router and then into the device.


Potentially i may be able to loose the extender if somebody thinks this may be the cause, any help would be massively appreciated.

Big thank you for any help in adance.

I cannot understand your setup. Can you draw a figure?

What is the model of the mini router? Pls check the label in the bottom of the product. Gl.inet300 is a valid model.

Seems you want to set up bridge. I want to know at first, does you extender create its own network, not bridged to the main router?

GL.iNet GL-MT300N is my model :)

Okay it's pretty simple.

Router Asus N66U everything connects to this all traffic etc.

I also have this little extender ( forget that for now i am not using it )

I want to be able to connect the a device via ethernet to the

GL.iNet GL-MT300N and then it connect to my existing WiFi network, and allow me to connect to the Ip address of the connected LAN device.

At the moment when i type in the IP i am getting "Connection Refused"

Kind regards,


OK I see.

You are trying to setup wireless bridge, which is generally implemented by WDS. You need to enable WDS in you main router and set up MT300N as repeater (choose WDS). If this works then it is done.

If WDS doesn’t work, try relayd.

Check here for a complete guide 404 Page not found - GL.iNet