Please remove forced capitalisation

I'm working on a translation. It is pretty annoying in general that the UI capitalise randomly (I mean I don't find any logic where and why is it used) on any parts of the UI. There are two major issues with that:

  • Looks ugly basically with any languages
  • Does not helps the readability

I know that some strings are shared but this is not the right way solve that. For example I remember that there is a "default" sorting order which is SADLY a shared non-capitalised string by default. And for some reasons it is not formatted as capitalised. Pretty illogical while the others are capitalised. In general there are way too much string shared and used in different context. This makes harder to translate the interface, because many languages use affixes and suffixes which are not applicable correctly if you share tons of strings.


I'm checking it out, thanks for your feedback, if you have time, please also point out the specific translation does not make sense, thanks again!

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Some examples for the reported issue:

"please also point out the specific translation does not make sense, thanks again!"
Not sure about your question but If you asking about the shared strings or languages I cannot point out only one. The UI globally shares single raw words. It might be another report/feedback.

For example the actual stable release has an "Enable AdGuard Home" option on the AdGuard Home tab. The "AdGuard Home" string is maybe hard coded or comes from another json but it is not part of the adguardhome.json. So I cannot control the position of it in a sentence which sometimes helps. The other part is the "Enable" string which is comes from the core.json (or base.json in newer AFAIR). The problem with this simple LEGO-ish solution is that I cannot change the word order if the context requires it and cannot do a proper/nice/correct/understandable translation. Hungarian language use many suffixes depends on the context. And many European language do the same. You cannot apply suffixes on shared raw strings. I already translated a lot, but not published because of these limitations. I have to be very smart to make it as nice as possible. And I'm pretty sure that the already existing official translations have issues with this.

Thanks for your feedback, we will fix this problem. If you come across a shared strings like this again, please leave a comment at your convenience, or contact me in discord so we can fix it quickly. Thank you again!

It is not an issue with the strings, it is a setting in the Stylesheet:

And this style is used a lot. As mentioned before, this does not look good or even is good readable at most languages I know (which is not representative, I don't know much human languages).

Absolutely. But I'm explaining the issue in my perspective since I'm not the developer.

This is fine. GL.iNet has enough good developers :wink: