Please update the vpn app

The app is good but need few things:

  1. Build shadowsocks connection also in the app because some wireguard and openvpns are not working in china but shadowsocks works like hell.

2.Add mpre vpn like express ,purevpn,keepsolid etc

3.Add search and edit functions so we can edit when wrong password or username or nsme is entered

  1. Open telegram or whatsApp group we report bugs and function of the app there.

  2. Make ieasy to load other vpn wireguards from the phone. We cant load WGs Good job done

  1. We will not spend many time on shadowsocks because there are some policy risks.

  2. We are working on it, you can find we have integrated TorGuard and OVPN.

  3. Good suggestion.

  4. We prefer forum, which is more open.

  5. We will support importing .zip OpenVPN/WireGuard configurations.