Plex On Brume 2?

I have an SSD full of movies plugged into my Brume 2 via USB. Would I be able to run Plex on the Brume in order to access the movie collection in other places?

If not, any other suggestions on how to access it from, say, my Amazon Firestick?

Nope. You can use it as NAS, though, and use something like Kodi or VLC (depending on the client capabilities) to watch the shows off of it. As long as you don’t need to transcode the file to play it you should be good to go.

You could run Jellyfin Server on it, and then use a Jellyfin client to watch it.

Never ever. The router does not have the needed power for it.

For Plex I agree,

For Jellyfin, a memory leak was found nearly 3 years ago and was fixed, so it now comfortably runs in less than 1GB of ram:

Might be, but I would not let it run on my Router

Worst what happens: If the device runs out of memory, Wi-Fi and network will stop.

WiFi does not run on my Brume 2 anyway so moot point?

The memory management of OpenWrt is not designed for “heavy use”. If the RAM fills up, other processes are killed. This can therefore also affect the VPN, or just the AdBlocker or whatever. I would therefore generally avoid running such software on a router.

At the end it’s up to you.

I ended up just using the Samba feature on the Brume 2 and got that to work with the Mx player on Firestick, so all good! VLC is wonky and I could not get it to work

Go ahead and install it and let us know how it runs (both JF and the Brume2). It would be an interesting data point. Does JF have a package for the Brume2 hardware and kernel? I am super familiar with Plex, but haven’t ever used JF myself.