Plugins Sources ( "No Such Key"

I’m using the Beryl Ax MT300 router.

I literally just reset my router, maybe 30 minutes ago. I’ve set up the SSIDs and passwords for the networks. I set my IP ranges for the two subnets, and I connected it to the ethernet. I have no clashing IPs between the router and the external LAN.

No matter what I do though, it always gives me “No Internet Connection! Find a network to reconnect.” when trying to update the sources for the Plugins, under Applications.

When I try the URLs myself, I get the “No Such Key” response from the XML on the webpage.

All of the firmware is up to date. I have no idea what’s going on, and this is really frustrating. I love the router, but it needs to be hard reset way too often.

These are the default packages that are configured:

Nevermind, I figured out the issue.

Really stupid though.

I had to log into Luci through the advanced settings, navigate to software, and update the lists from there. Why? No idea.

I still get “Network Unreachable” from the admin panel Plugins. So long as I can do it through Luci, I don’t mind.