Plz add WPS

Could you add a wps function and toggle it by either

button reset
Switch Button
or the GUI interface

Thanks for your suggestions. But we got few requests for wps. So may not add it.

did you mean you may add it,
this would be useful because most printers i have had have been either USB or wifi over WPS.
i did manage to add my old router as a repeater, and i could connect to the printer and use the web interface, plus gave it a static ip but im guessing the router must have firewall setup issues, because it was not able to send a print, would there need network problem or is this my printer.
many thanks

I mean “may not” because it is seldom used.

But if you have to use, here is something you can try manually.

Document you can refer to [OpenWrt Wiki] Wi-Fi /etc/config/wireless

First, pls use AR150, AR300M, AR750 or AR750s. Other models does not work for this guide

Second, add wps support to the wifi you want to connect:

Add option wps_pushbutton '1' to a config wifi-iface section that is configured for WPA2-PSK in /etc/config/wireless

Third, try activate it using the following command

hostapd_cli wps_pbc

Finally, connect your printer now.

You can easily attach this function to the reset button by editing the script in/etc/rc.button/

thanks, i managed to open the AP on the canon printer, open the web page,
access the advance section that’s not in the manual. http://“ipaddress”/netconf.html
there i was able to used the ssid and password i set on the gl router

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