Poor Brume performance via Wireguard to a VPN service

I recently purchased a Brume (standard, no wireless) to use as a VPN router. I bought it because I read comments saying that they could get >200 mbps performance with a VPN service via Wireguard.
I hooked my Brume up to my network and connected it to my VPN service via Wireguard and I am only getting ~30 mpbs down. Surprisingly, it is slightly faster connecting via OpenVPN (~50 mpbs). When the VPN is turned off, I get >500 mbps. I have tried different VPN servers with small impacts on the performance. When I connect to the same VPN server via an app on my PC with Wireguard, I am getting >300 mbps.
Has anyone else had a similar issue? I am wondering if there is something I can do to fix the issue or if it is a hardware problem somehow.

Are you using Wireguard as a client or server?
Not Sure what your set up is but it could be any number or things.
It sounds like your ISP is throttling. Most ISP will boost downloads for 20 seconds and slow down until bandwidth is available. You 30Mbps is a constant tunnel.
Mbps (Megabits per second). Also your speed is split between the two LAN ports and you will loose some depending on how many devices are infront of the brume to the Gateway. Your DNS might need to be reconfigured also.

Thank you. It is a client I do not think it is being throttled by my isp since I am not using it to torrent. Also, it works faster with OpenVPN.

What version of Openwrt is running, firmware version?
21.02 or above
opkg install wireguard-tools
19.07 or lower
opkg install wireguard

Can you try 3.211 beta6 GL.iNet download center

Wireguard has a bug causing crash but not sure this is related to your issue.

Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately it did not improve the performance. I have tried multiple VPN services now (and multiple servers) and it producing the same performance.

I don’t know what is the problem in your side.

I tried 3.211 firmware with Mullvad and I can achieve 233Mbps when testing on HK server.

I just got my Brume – running 3.203. I get over 240Mbps with Mullvad (Denver servers). achieved with both Mac/Ethernet and iPhone/Wifi

sometimes when the test from a particular device/WG-server/speedtest-server combo has been slower, say 140Mbps, I have tested multiple devices at the same time – the total download speed is usually over 240Mbps.

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I get at least 200Mbps on my Brume over Wireguard VPN, which is the limit of my Internet plan.

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