Poor WireGuard implementation?

I’m using the latest 3.203 version of Spitz (GL-X750) but I guess this happens on other ones as well. I’m in a hotel with WIFI only connections so I made it connect to their wifi, than activated/configured wireguard. When you do this manually, it works fine. However, of course it’s a shitty wifi connection they have, every time it drops, the router either crashes (admin panel doesn’t open anymore) or Wireguard loses connection and never gets back on track, unless I manually hit “abort”, wait, than manually hit “connect” again.

Same thing happens if, for eg, I cycle power to the router. OF COURSE wireguard is not going to connect at first because it needs the WIFI connection FIRST! however, it tries to connect to wireguard, FAILS, than it never retries again.

What is the issue here? This is supposed to be a very common problem: connections drop, wireguard needs to retry every few seconds! is there a way I can program or force a retry every X time?

Also, with this new version, whenever I install LuCi, admin panel doesn’t show up anymore, is this intended? Thanks in advance for any help

There is a problem in Wireguard implement and will be fixed in 3.211 firmware, which will be in beta testing very soon.

where can I try this one out while it’s still in beta? is there a link for beta versions?

also, is there a way I can try and fix it myself? like add a timer somewhere, timeout, retry, things like that? thanks!

Pls checkout the nightly build here GL.iNet download center