Port forwarding and firewall on IP white list


Is there any field Gl-Inet router can add for External IP’s allowed to access certain ports on the internal LAN IP? this is to whitelist list of IP address that can access certain service ports on the router so it protects the router from external attacks?

This can be achieved using iptables rules. But this may be complicated and you cannot do from the UI

Thanks for your reply.
I have allowed Local network access and created openvpn connection with strongvpn.com. Strongvpn has allocated me a static public IP with all ports open. I have tested their vpn on my laptop by using port listen tool to check the ports I need to be open and they are open. The Mango router activated the VPN, however for example SSH port 22
Name: SSH Protocl TCP/UDP External Zone: ovpn external port: 22 Internal Zone: LAN internal IP: internal port: 22 status enabled

It doesnt work and it does open port 22. What I am trying to achieve is port forwarding to work when VPN connection is enabled and the device attach to the Mango router which is taking the static VPN IP accept incoming port connection.

In regards to the VPN provider they have allocated me static ip and all ports are open when the device listen to the port and a port scan is performed

Right now the Mango router is not working for portforward over vpn

Please assist

When you connect vpn, first enable “allow local network access”.

Then in the port forward you should set up port forward rules from vpn zone to lan zone