Port forwarding from WAN to LAN when VPN is on with active VPN Policy

Is it possible to forward ports from WAN to LAN when VPN is on with active VPN policy?

Port forwarding works fine if VPN Policy is off but then all clients are using the VPN.

I need the VPN Policy to allow only certain devices (MAC Address) to use VPN.

Problem is that port forwarding to a client with VPN stops working as soon I activate the VPN Policy.

Is there anything I can do to get it working?

Use VPN for all processes on the router and use VPN for guest network is off.

Device is GL-MV1000 (Brume) and firmware 3.203

You mean port forward from WAN to LAN, not from VPN to LAN right?

As far as I know, when you use vpn for all devices, port forward from wan to lan does not work. You must enable vpn policy to make it work.

So seems you are saying the exact contrary.

Yes I mean from WAN to LAN which works fine if the LAN client is not routed through the VPN.
Then it does not matter if the VPN policy is on or off.

But if the LAN client is routed through the VPN, I cannot connect to it from the outside (WAN) if VPN policy is activated. It will only work it the policy is off.


Can you upgrade to 3.211 firmware? Better 3.212 beta or snapshot. Maybe it is buggy.

I tried that today but problem is that 3.212 and 3.212 beta 1 both fail to import any Mullvad configuration.

It says the process will take approx. 20 minutes but then nothing happens.

Tested on B1300 Convexa-B. Have not tested with the Brume but I assume the problem will be the same.

I can wait for the next Firmware version if there is a chance this solves my issue with the vpn policy & port forwarding.

I tested several times and it works fine. Can you check if you more used all 5 key pairs in your Mullvad account center?

It creates a new key on Mullvads webpage but the Router never adds any config.

I keep deleting unused keys to not run into the limit.

Maybe this is only happening on the B1300 Convexa-B? I can try tomorrow on my Brume to see if it works there.