Port forwarding in repeater mode open vpn

I am using my GL iNet router in repeater mode. I am running openVPN.
I am trying to forward port 44158 (for a helium hotspot). I can’t seem to get it function.
I have set up rules for inbound and outbound Wan to Lan ovpn to lan wan to ovpn and ovpn to ovpn, all to no avail. testing always results in time out.
Let me know any more specifics you need from me. Thaks for any help.

Have you searched here on “helium”? I remember a number of posts on this topic.

Mango 3.212 snapshot; Beryl 3.212 snapshot; Not affiliated with GL-iNet–just a user

Check the blog post.

The port forward needs to be done in the wireguard server side and on the router as well.