Port forwarding not working on GL-B1300

I’ve setup a new GL-B1300 with latest firmware (3.105) and I’ve connected the wan port to my VDSL2 modem running in bridge mode (with VLAN tagging on, as required by my ISP). Running the B1300 in router mode with PPPOE connection and everything works as expected - clients can connect to the internet both via ethernet and wireless.

The issue is port forwarding is not working. I’ve tried adding forwarding rules both in main UI and via Openwrt interface and none of them allow connections through to the host I’ve set (which has a reserved address under DHCP). This was working fine with my modem/router so I know the ports are open via my ISP and that the IP address for the internal host is correct (can access using IP address internally just fine).

I’ve checked that VPN is all OFF and I’ve not set any open ports or DMZ entries either.

Any ideas or settings I might have missed?

Port forward should work as it is nothing secret.

Maybe just try this GL.iNet download center

Thanks for the suggestion. I did see that beta but was put off by the file called Do not use until this file is removed.txt.

Can I easily downgrade to latest stable if I try this and it doesn’t work? I’ve been caught with other devices like this so good to check first, I’ve found.

I’m wondering if the physical port I’m using might be the reason? Should the LAN interface be bound to both LAN ethernet ports? I can’t tell if that is the case or if there should be a eth2 option there?

You’d better not to use unless you are asked to.

The interfaces seems fine.

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Had another go at setting it up and this time it worked as expected. I must’ve made a mistake at some point the first time.

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