Port Forwarding on Flint for a Wireguard Server behind it?

I have a Wireguard server running on a Pi connected to a Flint router.

Anyone know what port forwarding rules should look like?

I’ve tried the following with but connection no good.

I am running my PiVPN Wireguard on 51920 (so that it does not clash with 51820 on the Flint)


WireGuard is only using UDP, so you don’t need the TCP portion of the rule.

Otherwise your rule looks good. Could you have UFW or IPTABLES blocking the connection on your Pi?

And you’re suring your PiVPN is configured to 51920 and not the default 51820?

Hi vvv,

I rebooted the Flint and I also reinstalled PiVPN on the Raspberry. This time I used port 6000 for Wireguard and added the UDP only rule on the Flint.

It’s all working now, but I do not know why.

Funny I also have ssh port forwarding on the flint, and when I check an internet based port open page, it reports open. But 6000 reports as closed… yet wireguard still works…I must admit that I don’t understand that.

Thank you for the help

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