Port Forwarding on ZeroTier

Hi Everybody,

I’m new to this forum and GL.iNet products in general. I recently bought a x750 Spitz router for my laboratory (using an LTE connection to the internet) and successfully configured a zero tier subnet as I can access all my hosts connected to this device, even if they are behind a cgnat. Now, I want to extend my network functionalities. Actually I have a VDSL connection to my home with a public IP address, and I would like to use it for making my hosts behind cgnat reachable from the internet, being connected to my zero tier virtual switch. To make this possible I would like to buy a GL-B1300 router, setting up zero tier network, and port forwarding to the hosts connected to my x750 Spitz router.

Here I show you a simple network scheme:


----GL-B1300----|----Modem----Public IP-----| Internet-(ZeroTier network) |-----CGNAT IP-----X750----|----hosts

Do you think port forwarding through zerotier is possible?

I’m trying out zerotier recently, but I don’t understand your access logic. Can you use a simple topology to express it?