Port forwarding require restart?

After opening ports, does the router need to be restarted? Does the modem {zte Mobley via usb to ar300} need its ports configured forwarded as well?

No need to restart. Just “Save & Apply”.

This doesn’t relate to the modem if it is NOT hostless.

If it is hostless then it has a web admin page and you need to set up manually.

Thanks–so I’m basically trying to set up remote wan access to my ip camera (vivotek) through router, which works fine on the local network. What are the basic steps to get a wan accessible ip/ video feed? thanx

First you need to check if the router itself can be accessed remotely. This make sure your network allows input data.

The set up port forward

I have the gl ar300m router. That allows wan access right? Is that what you mean? How do I check if my network allows input?
Do I then need to toggle the “wan access” switch on the main configuration page?

WAN access will open a port 83 in your WAN side so that you can access the router management UI. You need to enable that and try to access using your ‘wan-ipaddress:83’

If you want to access the router from outside you need to have a public IP address.

My zte mobley “hotspot” is tethered via usb to the ar300. The mobley has its own router configuration, with “port forward” settings, do i need to open its ports also, even though its not acting as the router?

I’m trying to figure out how to access my network from outside lan, going through the mobley and ar300

will they have conflicting wan ip addresses? What configuration does the mobley need?

Both the router and mobly has firewall so you need port forward multiple times. Just make sure subnet is different