Port forwarding VPN (cosider WAN) > LAN on MANGO ROUTER is not working, Firewall/DMZ also not working

I buy MANGO router, VPN account and IPv4 to be sure that after vpn established the router get the same IP every time.
My purpose is to give internet access to a Web Server on LAN running on port 80
I setup the VPN via Wireguard, I check and it is correctly working from LAN > WAN.
I establish VPN, I setup port forwarding from WAN port 8080 to LAN Server IP port 80
… and … is not working.

Days are gone one by one and monthly subscription to VPN as expiring unused :frowning: money losing. :frowning:

I read forum and I notice lot of people having same issue but not find a crystal clear solution so far.

device firmware version 3.211

I imagine that the device will do what interface present but is not :frowning: very sad

I also try to enable DMZ but this is also not working :frowning:
I only need to forward the port 8080 from VPN IP to port 80 on a Server from LAN, only that. Of coarse the Server from LAN it have default gateway to MANGO LAN interface.

I set up the router with the VPN account, I went to the client, I set up port forwarding and I was ashamed.
I was naive enough to think that whatever you set works. :frowning:

I’m not clear on what you set up and why you are doing port forwarding. Are you saying you set up a Wireguard server on the Mango? If you connect to it you should be able to go straight to the web server LAN ip.

Or are you saying you set up a Wireguard client on the Mango, and you connect to a commercial VPN server someplace else, and you want to connect from the internet through the VPN tunnel to the Mango? I think that requires a VPS giving you a static IP, and again port forwarding wouldn’t come into play. Or set up a wireguard server on the mango.

Mango 3.212 snapshot; Beryl 3.211 stable; Not affiliated with GL-iNet–just a user

My plan is to give access From The Internet to the Web Server located on LAN side of the Mango.
I setup Wireguard client since I see to someone an identical setup for Helium Mining and it open a port from Internet to Hemium Miner located on LAN side of the MANGO TOO.
This person told me that Wireguard it is a easier way to setup VPN Tunnel, this is why I choose identical setup like him.

Please advice As Soon As Possible. thank you.

I have a MANGO with the VPN Wireguard Client Established. Once VPN is established it receive a Internet Real IPv4.
So we have a MANGO who have Internet Real IP on one side, and LAN SIDE with
On LAN side we have a Web Server with

In this context I open Port Forwarding from WAN interface, port 8080 to LAN ip port 80

And it is not working.

Probably because the port forwarding should be between VPN Interface and LAN not between WAN and LAN since WAN it have since it is behind a GSM Router.

How can I setup Port Forwarding between VPN and LAN ??? not between WAN and LAN ???

I use Security appliances since 19 years,and I’m in ISP business since 26 years, but always when create a rule between WAN and LAN … if the Device it make VPN … this become considered automatically as WAN, not the hole of the connector.

Never mind.
How can I setup in interface the Port Forwarding Rule between VPN IP port 8080 and LAN IP port 80 please ?

In Port Forwarding it appear possibility to select in steed of WAN but WireGuard interface only after VPN is Established. Ahaaaaaa. I see now. I will test like this.

In the port forward, you should forward from wireguard (vpn) zone to lan, not WAN to lan.

understand. I will test this.