Port forwarding With VPN active

It looks like the GLINET mango router doesnt forward port when the VPN is active. does anyone know how to do port forwarding when the VPN is active?
I have fixed public static ip from the VPN provider but it needs port forwarding to the LAN device in order for the ports to work

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Do you want to port forward from the vpn interface or wan interface?

If from vpn interface, you need to “Allow access local network” in your vpn client page.

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@alzhao, i’m tring to allow port forwarding from vpn client to router its self. but doesnt seems to work.

when i do packet capture i can see the traffic reach my router but its sending a reset.

i want to allow http/s and ssh on my ovpn client interface.

sorry u bother u much and thanks for your usual support and replies. Much appreciated.

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This is a 2-year old post. So pls re-state your router model and firmware version.

In firmware 4.x you have this option

my apologies, should have created a new post.

my router is flint and running 4.4.6. with the option it works on forwarding ports on lan subnet.

i want to open port on router on openvpn client interface. like the below but no luck. may be i’m doing something wrong.

Have you tried setting source zone to: wgclient like my Plex portforwarding settings here?

I have to add that although this works for me when VPN is active, that it extremely flaky and that I cannot ping my plex server quite a lot of the time regardless.

i tried that with no luck but want i need is to open port on router itself not on lan IP.

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what i have observed is, enabling this option enables following ports on the vpn interface, is that normal ?


i can use any one of the above port for my work temporary, but i think it should be controlled as well as many ppl use third party vpns. this is like a suggestion.

Yes it is normal.
“Allow remote access LAN” opens the firewalll.

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